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I'm not exactly sure when or why, but some time ago my sister and I started holding our hands up to our eye and pretending to snap a picture whenever we were in a moment that we wanted to remember forever. As more time passed and the older I got, I realized it's easier said than done. This is when I decided to invest in a good camera and learn how to beautifully capture the moments I want to remember. 

It was from this personal love of photography that my photography business organically grew. Friends started to ask me to take family pictures, senior portraits, and newborn pictures and then friends of friends started contacting me. While I love all types of photography, over the last several years I've discovered my true passion is for senior portraits and brand photography for professionals.

My goal for both my high school seniors and my professional clients is to capture the authentic you and for us both to have fun while doing it!  I love collaborating and putting together idea boards to make sure we get  a gallery of images you will love to share on social media, hang in your home, or use on your own website to attract your ideal client for your own personal business.  

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